july's market menu

Soft fruit should be very plentiful now and the taste exceptional. Our Raspberries, Blueberries and Strawberries are all locally grown and come from New Home Farm in Ardleigh, Essex and are all excellent quality and full of flavour.

English Cherries also have a great flavour and are bang in season right now. July is a good time to freeze or jar some up for future dishes. 

Heritage Tomato boxes are always amazing, they are good value and full of flavour and vibrant colours!

Spanish Plums will continue to dominate the market and Greengages should also become available towards the end of the month. 

Peaches, White Peaches and Nectarines continue to offer good value and French Apricots will reach their best.

Apples will continue to arrive from the southern hemisphere. Some will begin to deteriorate slightly, but New Zealand Braeburns should remain good. 

Citrus fruit will come predominantly from South America and South Africa.  

There’s a fabulous range of Melon’s in July. Galia’s & Honeydew and for something a little bit special the perfumed French Charantais are unbeatable. 

English Asparagus is a distant memory. We will be stocking the alternative crops from Peru and America and the quality is still decent. 

New season Parsnips are succulent when they first arrive. Young tender and Sugar-sweet. Tender stem Broccoli can fill asparagus's shoes remarkably well. The tender leafy spears look great on the plate.  

English Kohlrabi is a good salad alternative. The beautiful green globes are a nice addition to coleslaws or lightly pickled. 

Make the most of Local Baby Vegetables. Beetroot (All colours Purple, Golden, & Candy), Carrots, Fennel, Leeks and Turnips picked from our friends at Remfresh farm in Ardleigh.

Cauliflowers and Broccoli are controlled by the weather but hopefully if it stays warmer they should continue to be good quality. We should also continue to see the vibrant Purple and Yellow Cauliflowers as well. 

Sweetcorn is also a great choice right now especially for roasting in the husk on the BBQ! Mainly Spanish crop at the moment but should move to English any day now. 

English Peas, Runner Beans and Broad Beans are excellent quality in July. They are a real crowd pleaser for your diners but maybe not so much for your KP’s and commis.
Pak Choi isn't a typical English crop, but it certainly grows well here at this time of the year. English Celery although somewhat boring and often overlooked is full of flavour. If you are after some colour why not try some Rainbow chard as well.

New English Onions will replace the old crop. 

Jersey Royals are still here but not for long so get them on the menu while you still can! 

Samphire is a really superb and is plentiful in July. 

English Gooseberries are wonderful and will continue through July. 

New Season English Radicchio starts to appear which completes the full range of our English grown lettuces including Rossa, Bionda, Oak, Cos and Gem. 

If you are looking for a nice local potato option our new season Suffolk grown Maris Peer mids from LinRoyale are a good choice. 

If you want something a little bit different for your dessert menu why not try Flat Peaches & Nectarines. You can take the middle out with a cookie cutter, batter them, fry them, dust them with cinnamon sugar, and serve with ice cream for a cool dessert.