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Almond Milk 1ltr
buttermilk 1ltr
buttermilk 5ltr
Coconut milk 1ltr
goats milk full fat 1ltr

(Pre Order Only)

oat milk 1ltr
semi skimmed milk
568ml / 1ltr / 2ltr
semi skimmed pergal
skimmed milk
568ml / 1ltr / 2ltr

soya organic milk 1ltr
soya professional milk 1ltr
whole milk
568ml / 1ltr / 2ltr

whole pergal

cream & yoghurts

Actimel Live Yoghurt Drink 8X150ml 

(Pre Order Only)

clotted cream 907g
creme fraiche 2kg
creme fraiche 200g
double cream 2ltr
greek style yoghurt 450g
greek style yoghurt 5kg
natural yoghurt 450g
natural yoghurt 5kg
165g / 1.65Kg
single cream 2ltr

(Pre Order Only)

Soya yoghurt with coconut 500g
(Pre Order Only)
soya yoghurt plain 500g
vanilla yoghurt 500g

(Pre Order Only)

whipping cream 2ltr
yoghurts tray mixed

12 x 125g

yoghurts tray natural
12 x 125g (Pre Order Only)


apple juice longlife 1ltr
beetroot juice 1ltr
carrot juice 1ltr
Coconut water 1ltr
cranberry juice 1ltr
fresh apple juice 1ltr
fresh Lemon juice 1ltr
fresh lime juice 1ltr
fresh orange juice 1ltr
grapefruit juice 1ltr
pomegranite juice 1ltr
mango juice longlife 1ltr
orange juice longlife 1ltr
pineapple juice 1ltr
tomato juice 1ltr

eggs & Butters

Bungay Raw Butter

200g Roll

burford brown eggs

Pack 6

Butter Portions

Pack 100 portions

butter salted

250g Block / Box 40 x 250g

butter unsalted

250g Block / Box 40 x 250g

duck eggs

Pack 6

eggs caged

Pack 6 / Tray 30 / Box 360

eggs free range

Pack 6 / Tray 30 / Box 180

liquid egg yolk

1ltr Carton

liquid egg white

1ltr Carton


5ltr Tub

summer county spread

2kg Tub