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It’s that time of year and we will be once again supplying Christmas Trees to your size and varietal specifications. They will all be cut to order, and can be cut 3 feet upwards. They come from Fred Smiths Christmas Tree Farm in Boxted, Essex. Fred Smith and two generations of his family have been growing and selling Christmas Trees for over 50 years in the Essex village of Boxted (just north of Colchester). With sizes ranging from 1 metre (about 3 feet) to 10m (About 33 feet) in height. Fred and his family also create a wide range of holly wreaths which we can also supply along with their farm grown mistletoe as well. All trees will be cut down to order and will be wrapped in netting for delivery. Please give us as much notice as you are able to in order to avoid disappointment.


Norway Spruce – Can grow up to 40m (130 feet) or more in height – dark green needles which are rectangular in cross-section and blunt at the tip – fast growing evergreen that typically takes 10 years to produce a 2m (6 feet) high tree. They are tall straight triangular trees with pointed crown and have that classic Christmas aroma.

6 Foot - £36.00

7 Foot - £42.00

8 Foot - £48.00

For bigger or smaller trees please call.

All trees are plus VAT

Nordmann Fir – This is an excellent tree with very good needle retention. It has soft, deep green foliage, smooth grey bark and a good triangular tree shape. But it takes longer to grow than the Spruce variety and so it costs a little more than the Norway Spruce. They should last you a bit longer than the Norway Spruce though. As once these trees have had a full frost it allows the sap to reach the top and ends of the branches which helps the longevity of the tree.

6 Foot - £51.20

7 Foot - £54.00

8 Foot - £60.00

For bigger or smaller trees please call.

All trees are plus VAT

Wreaths – Add a real bit of flare to your front door with one of our wreaths, they are available from late November until about the end of December. If you have something a bit special or different in mind, please let us know as they can also make wreaths to order.

They Also have locally grown holly and mistletoe available.


You can prolong the life of your tree by taking care of it during the festivities. A little care and attention should help stop it drying out and dropping all its needles. (Please note that a dry tree in a warm environment will only last 2 – 3 weeks maximum, they need to be kept in water away from radiators)



1. If the tree has no root – ensure that it is fresh cut i.e. branches at bottom of tree are not already very dry and brittle

2. Cut-off about 20mm from the bottom of the tree to ensure that the nal cut is very fresh.

3. ALTERNATIVELY if the tree still has no root system, then it is best to pot it immediately into fresh moist earth.

4. Make sure the pot being used is big enough to support the tree adequately and is watertight.

5. Regularly water the tree – stand un-potted or rootless trees into shallow water whilst they are still outside the house to help them last longer.

6. Keep your tree outside the house in a cool place until it is needed indoors – best to leave this until all the other festive decorations are going-up.

7. When taking your tree indoors, try to place it away from direct heat - i.e. coolest place possible – in a hall or near a window.

8. Continue to water the tree regularly – give it at least half a pint EVERY day (or more) especially in a very warm room.