cheeses & OLIVES

Please check description for products that need to be pre ordered.  Other cheeses available upon request!


Danish Mozzarella 2.3kg (Pre Order Only)


Applewood Smoked 1.5kg
Blue Stilton Baby Thomas Hoe 2.3kg (Pre Order Only)
Blue Stilton Wedge 1kg
Blue Stilton Wheel 2kg
Cheddar Mature Block 1kg / 4.8kg
Cornish Yarg 850g (Pre Order Only)
Cottage Cheese 2kg (Pre Order Only)
Cream Cheese Full Fat Soft 1.5kg
Oxford Blue 2.5kg

Wigmore 350g (Pre Order Only)


Brie De Meaux 3.268kg (Pre Order Only)
Camembert Calvados 250g
(Pre Order Only)
Camembert Le Rustique 250g
Chevre Buche Log 1kg
Crotin De Chavignol 12 x 60g (Pre Order Only)

Melusine Goat Log 180gm


Cambozola Blue Brie 2.2kg (Pre Order Only)




Cashel Blue 1.6kg (Pre Order Only)


Galbani Ricotta Cremosa 250g
Grana Padano 900g
Grana Padano Shaved 1kg (Pre Order Only)
Matured Veg Hard Grated 1kg (Pre Order Only)

Mozzarella Grated 2kg
Parmesan Reggiano 1kg
Ricotta 1.5kg



suffolk & norfolk

We keep limited stock of Baron Bigod & Bungay Raw Butter Rolls.  Everything else must be Pre Ordered.

Baron Bigod 1kg
Bungay Raw Butter Rolls 200g
Bungay Raw Butter Slab 1kg
Mrs. Temples Alpine 1kg, 2kg & 4kg
Mrs. Temples Binham Blue 1kg
Mrs. Temples Copy's Cloud 200g
Mrs. Temples Gurney Gold 700g
Mrs. Temples Walsingham 1kg, 2kg & 4kg
Norfolk Dapple 1 - 3kg
Norfolk Smoked Dapple 1kg
Norfolk Mardler 1kg
Norfolk White Lady 200g & 1kg Round
Suffolk Blue
Suffolk Brie
Suffolk Gold
Wissington 1.25kg @ 2.5kg

swiss & welsh

Appenzell Surchoix 1/4 1.7kg (Pre Order Only)
Appenzell Surchoix Whole 7kg (Pre Order Only)
Emmental King Cut 2.8kg (Pre Order Only)
Emmental Slices 50 x 20g


We only Stock Greek Mixed Pitted & Gordal Pitted.  Everything Else must be Pre Ordered.

italian whole

Italian Mixed (3kg)
 Nocellara, Cerignola & Gaeta.
Nocellara (3kg) Early season harvest, large bright green Olives from Sicily.
Nocellara Baby Mixed Sizes (5kg)


Black Herb Pitted Beldi (3kg)
Naturally ripened black olives with herbs.
Gordal Pitted (2kg)  Bright green, plump and crisp. Tinned in brine with guindilla chilli.
Med Cocktail Whole (3kg) Moroccan green Beldi & Kalamata with red pepper, sweet garlic & bay leaf.
Verbena Sunshine Whole (3kg)

pitted & stuffed

Black Plain Beldi (3kg)
Naturally black ripened Olive.
Nocellara Pitted (2.5kg)
Basil & Garlic Halkidiki (2.5kg) Very large Greek green olives with Basil & Garlic.
Greek Mix Pitted (2.5kg) Green & purple Olives with Oregano, Thyme & Rosemary.
Halkidiki Pitted (2.5kg) Very large Green olives AKA 'Queen Green' from northern Greece
Kalamata Pitted (2.5kg) Large pitted famously succulent purple / black olives from central Greece
Puttanesca Halk Pitted (2.5kg) Green Halkidiki with Lulliput capers, sun dried tomatoes & crushed red chilli
Halkidiki Piment Stuffed (2.5kg) Large Greek Pitted stuffed by hand with red pepper
Marrakech Mix Pitted (2.5kg) Green/purple Olives with Moroccan chermoula spice, lemon zest, red pepper & garlic